Riedlingen is an excellent starting point for exploring the area. There are countless possibilities for entertaining and educational excursions.

Bad Buchau

The Federsee

The Federsee area ( lake Buchau ) is a natural paradise for people, animals and plants. The variety of plants and more than 260 bird species that visitors to the Federsee can discover on their walks are unique. The Archaeological Federseemuseum is always worth a visit,too.

The Museum

Hayingen - Wimsen

Wimsen Cave

An experience for young and old - the Wimsen Cave is the only water cave in Germany that can be navigated by boat.

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Monastery and pilgrimage church

Zwiefalten owes its importance to the former monastery, which was founded in 1089 by Benedictine monks from Hirsau. The Münster, one of the most important late baroque buildings in southern Germany, is the destination of countless pilgrims. The center of the old monastery and pilgrimage site is the cathedral "Our Lady", one of the most important buildings of the late baroque German style.

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Heuneburg open air museum

The Heuneburg lies majestically high above the Danube just 2 kilometers from Hundersingen. Immerse yourself in the world of the Celts during your visit to the open-air museum. Stroll over the weir with its southern adobe wall, enjoy the extraordinary ambience in the Celtic manor house and discover the legacies of the oldest named place in Germany - the Celtic city of Pyrene. Current special exhibitions, tours, hands-on activities and courses let you experience the Celts up close.

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