Our most beautiful events.

Celebrate – marvel – experience Riedlingen and its people.


Fasnet/Carnival opening

Every year at the same time - Wednesday evening before the Carnival Thursday - the Fasnet is officially opened in Riedlingen.
"Out with em Gole" and the "Mohrenwäsche" are the first two highlights to start the foolish time.


Riedlinger Street Carnival

In the pedestrian zone, the Riedlinger Street Carnival will be taking place on Carnival Thursday with fools, parades and children's games. Usually the gastronomical delights joins in with children's disco, fool's coffee and other fun activities.


Froschkuttelnessen (frog tripe Lunch) and slipping off

The traditional highlight of the Riedlinger Fasnet is the Froschkuttelnessen, which has been taking place since 1829, followed by a slide out of the townhall in the late morning of the Fasnetsdienstag.


Carnival Tuesday parade in the Gole town Riedlingen

On Carnival Tuesday there is a big parade in which numerous guilds from the surrounding area as well as from the larger area participate.


21st Riedlingen City Run

From the 300m run for the little ones to the 10km main run, there is something for everyone. Whether as a participant or a spectator - being there is fun!


Flea market Riedlingen

One of the largest and oldest flea markets in southern Germany invites lovers of antiques and junk to browse and stroll.


Riedlinger foal market

The largest warmblood foal market in Germany.

Foals of above-average quality from the breeding in Baden-Württemberg are for sale.


Riedlinger Gallusmarkt

The Gallusmarkt is one of the high festivals in the Riedlinger Jahreskalender. Gallusmarkt in Riedlingen means huge fireworks, dense crowds at the Sunday sale, many children at the turnip ghost parade and a colorful variety of birds at the Danube Buses Show. In addition, drive carousel, eat stomach bread and buy lots on the hustle and bustle. Riedlingen does not just celebrate a day: Gallusmarkt goes from Friday to Tuesday.